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My name is Qina (pronounced Yee-na) Liu, and I’m a Netflix-aholic. (Recently I’ve fueled my binge-watching addiction with an Amazon Prime account.)

When I’m not watching movies or binge-watching television shows, I work as the digital engagement editor at The Buffalo News (it involves the Internet and social media. You can follow me on Twitter @qinaliu). In my spare time, I try to update this blog.

Pass the Popcorn began in January 2010 when as a New Year’s resolution, I started this independent blog to improve my writing repertoire (I don’t get paid for this and I still do it because it’s fun). Since then, I have reviewed films, books, television and music. My reviews have been published in The Ithacan, Buzzsaw MagazineImprint Magazine, Local WriteupPro Players Insiders and, of course, this blog.

I’ll try to update at least once a week. On Thursdays, I’ll try to post a throwback review of an Academy Award-winning film.

For me, this is still an outlet to prevent my writing from becoming stale, but for you, I hope this blog’s becomes as irresistible as a freshly-popped kettle of popcorn — warm, buttery and salty.

Are you ready for this? Well, pass the popcorn and click “play.”


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