The scariest part of the new ‘It’ movie

The scariest part in Andy Muschietti’s film adaption of Stephen King’s novel “It” was never Pennywise the clown (Bill Skarsgård).

It’s the eyes you feel staring at you in the dark. It’s the feeling of frantically reaching for something you need, but can’t seem to find. It’s the voices telling you that you’re not good enough.

It’s knowing that no one can help you from the missing brothers, abusive fathers, or psychopathic bullies.

Not even the adults.

That’s where the new “It” film succeeds. It transcends the horror genre because most of these boggarts are things that we fight everyday. Those dark and suffocating feelings of powerlessness that keep us from pursuing what we really want. Those thoughts that linger even after our racing hearts have settled from the jump scares. Those voices that tell us to hide and to cower and to keep our secrets hidden in isolation so that they begin to grow and gnaw away at us, picking us apart from the inside.

These fears is where “It” thrives. Whatever “It” is. The fact that they’re nameless give them power.

But when we talk about “It” — we realize that we’re not alone. And that others might be living with “It” too.


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